• 02. Novembris
  • Pasaules Gaisma Nabaklab

    Pasaules Gaisma Nabaklab (Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 12, Riga, Latvia) www.facebook.com/1504516473131172   Vienreizīgs grupas PASAULES GAISMA apvienošanās koncerts DJ Uldis Rudaks ------------------------------------------------------------------ Klubs atvērts no 12:00; pasākuma sākums 20:00 Ieejas maksa - 3 euro ------------------------------------------------------------------ www.nabaklab.lv http://twitter.com/nabaklab www.tornis.lv/gaisma www.draugiem.lv/pasaulesgaisma
  • 04. Novembris
  • Comedy Latvia: English Comedy Night ft. Francesco De Carlo (ITA) Nabaklab

    Comedy Latvia: English Comedy Night ft. Francesco De Carlo (ITA) Nabaklab (Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 12, Riga, Latvia) www.facebook.com/1520568188189417   Comedy Latvia is proud to present another super fun English Comedy Night on Nov 4th with amazing Italian headliner Francesco De Carlo and special guest, English Comedian of the Year award winner, Jack Campbell! A star in his home country of Italy, Francesco De Carlo will guide you on a hysterical journey through politics, love, sex, food, laziness and other Italian specialities. Whatever you think about Italians, he will make you change your mind. In 2014, Francesco De Carlo made his critically acclaimed debut season at the Edinburgh Fringe with his show 'Italians Do It Later. And if you are wondering, the show might not start on time. Just joking. Well, we'll see. Francesco De Carlo is a regular fixture on the Italian comedy scene, hosting a daily radio show, appearing on national television programmes and performing regularly live across the country. Winner of the "English Comedy Of The Year" award, originally from Cambridgeshire, Jack Campbell started performing stand-up whilst at University in Leicester and has now amassed nearly 500 gigs all over England as well as appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2010. Jack bombards the audience with stories and observations in his own intense but charming style, getting hearty laughs throughout. ******************************* Appearing on the evening Francesco De Carlo (ITA) Elen Veenpere Comedy Latvia Crew Jack Campbell (UK) Host: Louis Zezeran Tickets are 4€ cash only the door. Please come early for a good seat *******************************


Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 12, Riga, Latvia